Established in 2021 by Immutable Holdings Inc., 1800Bitcoin.com (“1800Bitcoin LLC”) will deliver Bitcoin exposure and educational products to the mass market. The company will sell Bitcoin direct to consumers in the United States over the phone and online.


Acquired in 2020, CBDC.com (“Central Bank Digital Currency”) plans to offer consulting and advisory services to countries in their research and development of a central bank digital currency.


Established in 2020 by Immutable Holdings Inc., HBARLabs.com (“HBAR Labs”) is a holding company that builds and backs companies that are focused on increasing adoption of HBAR. Assets currently owned include HBAR.com, Kabuto.sh, The HBAR Wallet, and the wrapped HBAR (“wHBAR”) ERC-20 Token Bridge software.

Immutable Advisory

Established in 2020 by Immutable Holdings Inc., Immutable Advisory will advise and consult on opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, including but not limited to: market research, whitepaper writing, solution architecture design, introduction services, and vendor selection.

Immutable Asset Management

Established in 2020 by Immutable Holdings Inc., Immutable Asset Management (“Immutable.co”) LLC is a pioneer in the digital asset marketplace. Immutable Asset Management assists clients in finding exposure to unique assets within the digital asset ecosystem while serving as thought leaders advising navigation of a complex and ever changing landscape.


Acquired in 2021, NFT.com will serve as the go to platform for entering the NFT ecosystem. NFT.com will offer products and services that help make NFTs more accessible to the broader public, while providing artists, creators, investors and fans with information and opportunities.